Ultrasound Gel for facial machine

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 Ultrasound Gel                                    face massager with ultrasound gel

Alcohol free, non-corrosive and non-irritant for ultrasonic transmission of the
facial machine. Water soluble gel that has been specially
for use with beauty machine .

           200 ml
 ultrasound gel
  • Water soluble
  • Salt & alcohol free
  • Non Irritating
  • Reduce Wrinkles with Facial Massager
  • Spreads evenly without running or drying

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Why use a Conductive Ultrasound Gel with Facial Massager?

A gel is needed to conduct the ultrasound waves deep into the skin. Research shows that the transmission pro portion of ultrasonic waves in the air is 0%, about 50% in general water, 60% in distilled water, near 70% in glue matter, and above 70% in special conductive gel.

Besides, another positive effect of ultrasonic wave is the promotion of skin absorbing nutrition. A gel enhances the transmission of ultrasonic waves into your skin. This gel does not drip off your face, when applied to the skin.

For best results, apply conducting  conductive gel to the area to be treated. Do NOT apply oily cream when using ultrasonic waves.

Specifications -  Ultrasound Gel Safety & Cautions
  • Medium viscosity
  • Water soluble Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent lubrication and glide properties
  • Greaseless, Odorless and non-staining;
  • Salt & alcohol free
  • Format: 200 ml


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