Infrared Shoulder Heating Pad

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Shoulder Heating Pad                                infrared heating pad

Relieve your sore shoulder with this infrared heating pad. The shoulder
heating pad is designed with a "U" shaped cutout that fits like a collar
around your neck to more effectively deliver soothing moist heat to your
shoulders and neck. Feel the sensational heat deep into you shoulder.

shoulder heating pad

    >>   Invigorates your body            >>  Soothes muscle fatigue
   >>  Inexpensive and easy to use   >>  Relaxes shoulder muscles







How Can This Shoulder Heating Pad Help You?


  1. Relieve shoulder & back pains
  2. Helps skin stay softer and healthier
  3. Improve metabolism
  4. Relieve tension and muscle aches
  5. Alleviates Fatigue
  6. Total relaxation and reduces stress
  7. Relieves joint pain & muscle sprain
put shoulder heating pad 3 minutes in microwave


This shoulder heating pad provides an easy and relief right in your home. You will feel the benefits of
the heating pad directly after several usage such as relief of stress and tension.

This heating pad provides you a sensational heating pleasure. This U-shaped heating pad effectively
simulates the contraction and release of blood vessels, promotes blood circulation and alleviate
aches and pains from fatigue.

Only 15 minutes per day... your shoulder and neck will feel great!

What makes Bio Infrared Heating Pad So Special..

Infrared Energy

This Bio heating pad is made with loess, a special fine-grained silt or clay.
Once the pad is heated up, the clay substances is able to emit infrared energy.
Far-infrared (FIR) is the safe part of the spectrum of light emanating from the sun.
Unlike ultraviolet light, FIR is harmless to the body.
FIR produces heat more efficiently because it matches your body's own emissions and penetrates
even deeper into the skin.

Long Lasting Relief

The loess is able to keep heat for a long time, giving you a long lasting relief.
The outside material of the Bio Pad is made with special plastic that withstands intense heat.
The different texture of both sides allows the users to enjoy the intensity of the heat.

Relief Tight Neck & Shoulder Muscle with The Heating Pad

This heating pad is a great way This shoulder heating pad warms up your body parts in order
to manage and alleviate pain.

It is a well known fact that heat relieves pain. Historically, heat has been a natural remedy
used both to relieve pain and enhance the recovery process.

Heat therapy increases blood flow, which helps to decrease stiffness, relaxes sore muscles,
and provides soothing comfort.


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Specifications - Shoulder Heating Pad  Safety & Cautions

  • Weight: 4 Lbs.


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